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  • Glenohumeral osteoarthritis: causes, symptoms, and treatment

    The glenohumeral joint is another name for your shoulder joint. This ball-and-socket joint is vulnerable to osteoarthritis due to its frequent use. It can become worn down with age, causing pain and mobility issues.

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  • Arthroscopic Lateral Collateral Ligament Imbrication of the elbow: Short-term clinical results

    Chronic posterolateral rotatory instability (PLRI) of the elbow results from an insufficient lateral collateral ligament (LCL) complex. Arthroscopic LCL imbrication may prove a minimally invasive alternative to open LUCL reconstruction with a quicker rehabilitation.

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  • How effective (and safe) Is shoulder surgery?

    If your doctor has told you that you need shoulder surgery and you're worried about complications, a new British study indicates you can relax. Only 1.2% of more than 260,000 patients suffered from complications following arthroscopic surgery to repair shoulder injuries, the researchers reported.

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  • Everything You Should Know About Swimmer's Shoulder

    According to the Cleveland Clinic, people who frequently swim are at risk of shoulder issues from overuse. In fact, 65% of swimmers experience a shoulder injury during their lifetime, but they are not the only ones.

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  • Conversion of Elbow Arthrodesis to Total Elbow Arthroplasty: A Case Report and Literature Review

    Elbow arthrodesis is a salvage operation designed to relieve pain and enable weight bearing in young patients with painful arthritic joints who have failed all other treatment modalities. Unfortunately, elbow arthrodesis is poorly tolerated by many patients because there is no fusion position that accommodates all activities of daily living. As indications for elbow arthroplasty expand and implant design improves, patients living with elbow arthrodesis may seek conversion to arthroplasty to regain a functional range of motion.

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